A log of exciting site changes

October 22nd 2023

For the third spooky film this October, we take a look at The Creature from the Black Lagoon! It features an iconic monster. Don't forget your popcorn!

  • [Feature] Show date on review page. (#77)
  • [Feature] Reduce cast page size (#76)
  • [Review] The Creature from the Black Lagoon (#75)

October 15th 2023

Our second film for spooky October is a giant monster flick called It Came From Beneath The Sea! I hope you enjoy it!

  • [Review] It came from beneath the sea (#71)
  • [Feature] Style hover-over tooltips (#72)

October 8th 2023

Our first review for October is Carnival of Souls! I hope you enjoy reading it, and don't forget the popcorn!

  • [Review] Carnival of Souls (#67)

October 6th 2023

Happy Spooky Month!

For the whole of October the site will showcase a spooky theme. I will also try my best to review four scary, creepy and frightning films, one every week!

  • [Feature] Halloween Theme (#66)

September 3rd 2023

  • [Review] The Lost World (#64)
  • move the collapsible details tag "show full cast" to encompass all cast, to conform to w3 validation
  • remove spaces from cast id tags to conform to w3 validation

July 30th 2023

  • [Bugfix] Bad image link (#62)
  • [Review] The Little Shop Of Horrors (1960) (#63)
  • Sort tags and categories menus.

July 23rd 2023

No review this time, just some site bugfixes. I am working on a special new look for October.

  • [Bugfix] Normalize whitespace (#61)
  • [Bugfix] Anchor cast by roles (#60) Allows linking from the cast page for people with multiple roles in a film (Writer & Actor).
  • [Bugfix] Fix styling of details on button page (#58)

July 9th 2023

Many new exciting features this week! The home page changed into a dual-column layout. The cast page received a complete redesign - multiple columns grouped by actor name, each listing the works they appear in, along with buttons to search for the actor on The Movie Database (TMDB), Internet Movie Database (IMDB) or Wikipedia. There is now also a two-way link between the cast page and reviews, so you can very easily find other works any person has worked on! The formatting of ratings in terminal-mode browsers has improved, and all images, audio and videos are now linked to their sources, so they can be downloaded from terminal browsers.

  • [Feature] Show more cast members fixes (#52)
  • [Review] The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) (#51)
  • [Feature] Show more cast members (#50)
  • [Feature] Image and audio download links (#47)
  • [Bugfix] Format no script rating (#46)
  • [Bugfix] RSS feed URL broken on review page (#45)
  • [Bugfix] Missing image captions (#44)
  • [Feature] Cast page redesign (#38)
  • [Feature] Homepage dual column layout (#35)
  • [Feature] Add camera mouse cursor (#34)

June 25th 2023

  • [Review] When Worlds Collide (#31)
  • [Feature] Add rating star tooltip - tap on mobile to see them (#30)

June 18th 2023

  • [Review] Night of the Living Dead (#21)
  • Add billboard to index page (#17)
  • Wide margins for landscape devices (#13)
  • Animated GIF background (#11)

June 11th 2023

  • Added a 123 guestbook link on the review page.
  • Created some 88x31 buttons! See them on the About page.
  • Added RSS and Atom feeds to the page footer.
  • Added the film reel border decoration to the review page.
  • Reviews now list the character names whom the actors play.
  • At the bottom of the review page is a link to a Neocities thread for discussing the film. You require a Neocities account to comment.
  • Added alt text for images, making the site terminal friendly for w3m/lynx browsers!

June 4th 2023

  • Site is aliiive!